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Our Services

CNC machining

Kern Micro HD - September 2023

5-axis milling up to 42k RPM

size capability  13.78" x 8.67" / 350mm x 220mm

Datron M8 Cube

3-axis milling up to 60k RPM

size capability  40.15" x 28.35" / 1020mm x 720mm

Brother Speedio s700x2

3-axis milling 

size capability 27.6" x 15.7" / 700mm x 400mm



ISO 17025 certified:

  • Mitutoyo Mistar 555 - equipped with  PH10MQ probe head

    • 5axis scanning probe capability

  • 28" Trimos V5 heigh gauge

  • Other Mitutoyo manual inspection equipment


Reverse Engineering and Design for Manufacturability

Utilizing some of the leading industry software and hardware to create parts that meet Form-Fit-Function for the end result.


3D Printing and Laser Scanning - Coming Soon

We are always researching on which technologies to invest in to further our goals.

3ntr, formlabs, Markforged, Artec 3D

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